Stay Out of the House Walkthrough, All Everything About Here

Survive the Haunting House: Conquer the eerie challenges of a chilling survival horror game with our comprehensive walkthrough. Uncover expert strategies, locate essential items, and unlock diverse endings, including the elusive bunker escape route.

by Dheshni | Updated Oct 30, 2023

Stay Out of the House Walkthrough, All Everything About Here

Stay Out of the House Walkthrough


Start by searching for your boyfriend after exiting the car. Navigate the bathrooms and head outside.
Follow the path to some buildings and a dog. Turn right to find the entrance to a cornfield near a red truck. Follow the sequence: right, left, right, and finally left to reach the house.
Inside the house, locate a way to assist the dog trapped in a bear trap in the basement.
The House:

Once you escape your cage, acquire a lighter from a drawer.
Explore the house and search through drawers and cabinets to find various items like bullets, paperclips, and save tapes.
In a bedroom with a skinned corpse rug, you'll encounter a locked toolchest. The padlock code is in the room behind it, within the drawers.
In another bedroom across the hallway, you'll find a vent. Use a screwdriver to open it and enter.
Head towards the kitchen, where you'll encounter the Butcher cutting meat. You can drop down either in the bedroom or the main hallway.
Step-by-Step Guide:
Step 1: Find the hammer: The hammer can be in one of three places: in the bedroom beside the living room, the drawers beside the front door, or the upstairs bedroom.

Step 2: Get the drain cleaner: Use the hammer to open a boarded-up door in the hallway. Inside, you'll find a revolver and a dead body. In a closet, there's a boarded-up hatch. Open it and crawl through. In that room, you'll find drain cleaner.

Step 3: Get the Hex key: Unlock the door to the upstairs hallway, go to the bathroom next to the drain cleaner room, and pour the drain cleaner in the sink to retrieve an item. Go to the basement and find the Hex key in the black puddle on the left.

Step 4: Cut the power: Sneak into the downstairs bathroom, pick the lock on a cabinet, and locate rubbing alcohol. Pour it on the rope in the kitchen and use the lighter to ignite it. You'll obtain cutting pliers. In the basement, use a screwdriver to cut the power wire.

Step 5: Unlock the attic: Visit the bedroom with the first vent, turn right, and use the gear you collected to unlock a hidden passage. Go upstairs and take the wooden plank from the back of the van.

Step 6: Unlocking the outside: Unlock the door to the attic. You have two choices: leave through the front door or enter the bunker.

Ending 1: Leave through the front door:
Step 7: Collect the batteries: Find three batteries around the house, in the room with the drain cleaner, the dining room, and the shed. Use them to power up the can opener and obtain the front door key.

Into The Bunker: If you want to enter the bunker, ignore the shed and the duct tape. Instead, turn the winch behind the shed to acquire the pressure valve.

Step 8: Use the pressure valve: Utilize the pressure valve in the basement to deactivate the hot steam. Progress through it and solve a puzzle in the control room. The code for the yellow lead door is 9751.

The Bunker: You'll enter the bunker and need to collect items to progress, including the screwdriver, hex key, and pump room key. Navigate through the vents to unclog drains and repair a disk. Proceed through the elevator. Find the keys for a self-destruct sequence on the bottom floor, including the blue and red keys, and insert the correct codes into the control room to initiate the self-destruct sequence.

The Hidden Bunker Route: If you have the keys and a gun, you can bypass most of the bunker by shooting open doors. Follow the path to the control room to complete the game.

Stay Out of the House Summary

"Stay Out of the House" is a 2022 survival horror game, immersing players in a first-person stealth experience where they must skillfully navigate a menacing household to evade detection by a ruthless killer and other inhabitants. Strategies include hiding in vents, lock-picking, setting traps, and employing intellect to secure an escape.

In the game's chilling narrative, players assume the role of a kidnapping victim, thrust into the lair of a notorious serial killer. Their mission entails thorough exploration of the house to unearth an avenue to freedom, with the added challenge of scavenging for crucial items that enable progression and self-defense.

The central malefactor of the game is the dreaded "Butcher," a cannibalistic serial killer, while the game's main protagonist, Roxanne, is compellingly voiced by Autumn Ivy.

Stay Out of the House Guide

  • Start the prologue by rescuing the dog in the basement.
  • As you explore the house, gather crucial items like a lighter, bullets, and paperclips.
  • Use a screwdriver to open vents and doors for access.
  • Obtain essential items including a hammer, drain cleaner, and Hex key.
  • Cut the power in the basement, then unlock the attic for further progress.
  • Make a choice between exiting through the front door or entering the bunker, leading to different endings.
  • For the front door ending, locate batteries to power a can opener and secure the front door key.
  • In the bunker, acquire the blue and red keys, then input their codes in the control room to initiate a self-destruct sequence.
  • Alternatively, if you have keys and a gun, take a shortcut in the bunker.

Stay Out of the House Gameplay

"Stay Out of the House" presents a harrowing survival horror challenge, where the primary goal is to flee from a horrifying and treacherous residence. This game revolves around the core elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and the art of evasion. Players must scavenge for essential items such as keys, tools, and weapons, all while steering clear of the menacing butcher, who hungers for their untimely demise.

The game's allure lies in its open-ended nature, offering an array of escape strategies. Players can opt to rescue fellow captives or single-mindedly focus on their own survival. Choices include seeking refuge in the shadows, ingeniously employing traps against the relentless butcher, or crafting distinct strategies to outwit their relentless captor.

A distinctive aspect of "Stay Out of the House" is its AI system, dynamically responding to each player's choices, ensuring a unique experience with each attempt. The game's hallmark is its creation of a palpable atmosphere teeming with suspenseful encounters with the formidable antagonist. Notably, "Stay Out of the House" is renowned for its formidable level of challenge, catering to those who relish an exhilarating and spine-tingling survival ordeal

Stay Out of the House Wiki

"Stay Out of the House" is an immersive horror game that thrusts you into the chilling confines of a home belonging to a cannibalistic serial killer. Your sole objective: escape this perilous abode before you become the next victim on the killer's menu. The game presents a sandbox environment rife with diverse survival strategies. Will you opt to rescue fellow captives, or will self-preservation be your top priority?

Choose between skulking in the shadows and employing the killer's own traps against him. The game's dynamic AI adapts to your decisions, guaranteeing a distinctive experience with every playthrough. It's a heart-pounding, suspenseful journey that demands you to outwit the killer and navigate your way out of this nightmarish nightmare of a house

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Stay Out of the House Walkthrough - FAQ

1. What is "Stay Out of the House"?

"Stay Out of the House" is a survival horror game where players must escape from a perilous and gruesome house while avoiding a cannibalistic serial killer.

2. What are the key gameplay elements in the game?

The game involves exploration, puzzle-solving, and evasion tactics. Players need to find items, use tools, and make strategic choices to progress while staying hidden from the menacing butcher.

3. Can I choose different approaches to escape?

Yes, the game offers various escape strategies. Players can rescue other victims or focus solely on their own survival. They can also choose between hiding in the shadows, using traps, or employing different tactics to outsmart the killer.

4. How does the game's AI system work?

The AI dynamically responds to your choices, making each playthrough unique and unpredictable.

5. Is "Stay Out of the House" a challenging game?

Yes, the game is known for its challenging difficulty and is suitable for players who enjoy thrilling and terrifying survival experiences.

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